Meeting EMTALA requirements for physician call panels and emergent specialty care coverage has long been a challenge for hospitals participating in the Medicare program. Since 1992, EA Health has been the solution. Our innovative programs address call panel challenges by providing fair and timely fee-for-service reimbursement for on-call specialists, regardless of a patient’s ability to pay. Our performance-based approach provides hospitals with a cost-effective alternative to stipends while simultaneously reducing compliance risks.

EA Health’s decades-long experience with specialty call compensation has enabled us to collect utilization and reimbursement data from hundreds of hospitals and thousands of physicians nationwide. The insights we’ve gained from processing millions of healthcare transactions can help optimize your specialty physician reimbursement strategy.


As a medical group ourselves, we understand the challenges that healthcare physicians face in managing the revenue cycle process. From contracting and credentialing to coding, billing, and collections, our medical group uses the very same services we provide to your practice. When it comes to revenue cycle management, we’re not just another vendor—we’re your colleague, your advocate, and your ally.

EA Health’s depth of experience and diversity of skills help optimize your practice’s financial performance. Our billing professionals monitor major developments and emerging trends impacting the healthcare industry, gaining valuable insight that can help improve your bottom line. And our exclusive web portal technology makes daily monitoring of your key performance indicators (KPIs) both simple and convenient.


EA Health Physician Payment Services administers physician stipend and medical directorship payments for hospitals and hospital systems. Our active management approach provides monthly and ad hoc reporting, along with a thorough year-end roll-up, delivering a comprehensive view of specialty-specific and total physician spend. Through our centralized data repository and reporting system, we empower you with a detailed understanding of your hospital's spending on physician services.

In addition to streamlined payment administration, our service grants you access to EA Health's specialty-specific payment ranges, aiding in Fair Market Value (FMV) analyses. Our dedicated team, working closely with expert EA Health legal counsel, ensures precision and compliance in crafting professional services agreements (PSAs). Physicians benefit from timely and reliable payments, coupled with accurate year-end accounting. By choosing EA Health Physician Payment Services, you not only enhance financial transparency but also alleviate administrative burdens for your finance, legal, and medical staff departments. Count on us to be your strategic partner, offering efficiency, compliance, and transparency in managing physician payments for your hospital.


EA Health is excited to partner with ShiftGen, a comprehensive provider scheduling platform that enhances how healthcare organizations manage their operations. ShiftGen offers an array of essential tools, including roster management, schedule creation and management, as well as critical operations messaging. Additionally, the platform integrates time and attendance tracking along with payroll data solutions, all fully deployed in the cloud for optimal accessibility and efficiency.

This system allows users and administrators seamless access from any web-enabled device, facilitating easy management of multiple sites across various clinical settings. Each site can be customized with user-specific settings under a single user account. ShiftGen also provides tailored iOS and Android apps, ensuring a complete mobile solution. Integration with EA Health's Revenue Cycle and Physician Payment services through ShiftGen's advanced reporting capabilities not only saves time and money but significantly increases provider satisfaction.

For more information please visit the ShiftGen site here.


EA Health Emergency Physician Staffing Services is your hospital's trusted partner for securing top-tier emergency medicine physicians. With over 30 years of expertise, we lead in Call Coverage solutions, guaranteeing excellence in Emergency Physician Staffing. Our commitment to fostering a respectful work environment, providing competitive compensation, and maintaining transparent financial structures positions EA Health as the ideal choice for administrators seeking efficient and growth-oriented solutions.

Our rigorous quality assurance programs and seasoned emergency physicians ensure optimal patient care, relieving administrative burdens. EA Health's reliable, high-quality staffing solutions have been endorsed by a Chief Medical Officer of a southern CA hospital: ``EA Health has been an invaluable partner in ensuring our emergency department operates at its best.`` Elevate your hospital's emergency department with EA Health, offering tailored staffing solutions that prioritize efficiency and excellence.


EA Health Virtual On Call (VOC) stands as the premier solution for hospitals seeking to enhance patient care through innovative telemedicine services.

EA Health VOC offers 24/7 access to tele-intensivist services, significantly reducing costs associated with on-site specialists. The service expedites decision-making care through real-time consultations, providing a seamless solution for hospitals to address patient needs efficiently. The collaboration ensures hospitals have access to a team of seasoned tele-intensivists, contributing to improved patient outcomes while alleviating strain on hospital resources. EA Health VOC seamlessly integrates cost-effective telemedicine solutions, allowing hospitals to leverage high-quality care without the hefty price tag typically associated with on-site specialists. Elevate your hospital's capabilities with the support of experienced tele-specialists through EA Health VOC.


    EA Health’s On Call program is paramount to our department and patients in the emergency room, providing access to the highest quality specialists who in turn take wonderful care of each and every one of our patients. Their model ensures that all our patients, regardless of insurance status, receive the same gold standard of care to ameliorate their acute condition and overall health outcomes.
    Gregory Apel, MD
    Chief Medical Officer, Sharp Coronado

    EA Health has provided excellent service to Scripps Health for many years. As the physician advisor to Scripps Mercy Hospital’s EA program, I rely heavily on the extreme detail and accuracy of their data, the timeliness of their response to questions, and their personal involvement in helping to solve many of our physician back-up issues.
    Davis Cracroft, MD, FACEP
    Senior Director of Medical Affairs, Scripps Mercy Hospital

    EA Health has given us a stable compensation platform for our medical staff responsible for emergency coverage across a wide variety of specialties. As a public hospital, our mission requires us to provide specialty coverage for our Emergency Department. EA Health is the tool that gives our physicians the assurance that we value their service.
    R. Stephen Taylor, MD, MBA
    Chief Medical Operations Officer, Sarasota Memorial Health Care System

    EA Health’s customer service for our providers and facility is the best in the business! Everyone we work with at EA Health values responsiveness, resolution, and supporting care providers at all levels. I know they do because their employees demonstrate it with quality and consistency across time.
    Debra Harris, MA, RHIA
    Director of Health Information Management, Salem Hospital

    Partnering with EA Health has enabled us to continue to provide essential care to all patients while ensuring that we have the Emergency Department specialty physicians to meet their needs. Due in large part to programs like EA, we’re able to maintain strong partnerships with our physicians despite the many challenges of a volatile healthcare environment.
    Tim Hogan, FACHE
    Regional Hospital President, Meridian Health System

    Having EA at our hospital enables our group to focus completely on patient care, knowing that we are fairly compensated for our time and effort. Equally important is the panel of on-call specialists with whom we can consult without worrying about a patient’s insurance status. EA benefits our physicians, our hospital, and our patients.
    Davies Wong, MD, FCCP
    President, Chest Medicine & Critical Care Medical Group, Inc.

    EA provides excellent service – not only financially, but also with robust, timely, and clear reports that help us improve our metrics and operations. From real-time deficiency notices to monthly reports drilled down to the RVU level, we now have billing and collections knowledge at our fingertips at all times. Our EA representatives are always responsive, knowledgeable, and helpful.
    Ted Chan, MD
    Chair of Emergency Medicine, UC San Diego Health System


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